Welcome to McAllen, one of the fastest growing areas of the Nation

Welcome to McAllen, one of the fastest growing areas of the Nation

#4 Most Popular City People Move To

"#4 Most Popular City People Move To" - The Fiscal Times, 2012

Residential permits issued 51/2 times faster than the national average!

Residential permits issued 5½ times faster than the national average! - ICMA, 2011

Leading Location for doing Business

"Leading Location for doing Business" - Area Development Magazine, 2011

#1 Mid Size Market City for Restaurant Expansion

"#1 Mid Size Market City for Restaurant Expansion" - QSR magazine, 2011

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Completeness Review

Before plans or documents are accepted by the Building Permits and Inspections Department, staff will review the information to determine if it is complete and ready for submission.

To ensure that staff has sufficient information and to reduce delays in reviewing your project, a submittal checklist of requirements has been established to facilitate this process.  Additional information or documents may be required by the City review staff and would be specified for a subsequent submittal. Submittal requirements can be found in:

Submittal Checklist Residential & Commercial

A fully completed building permit application is required before acceptance for review.  The application can be found at the following link:

Commercial Permit Application

A review fee is required for commercial projects when you submit your application.  The review fee is equal to fifteen percent of the building permit fee.  The building permit fee is determined by the square footage of the new construction or by the improvement value of the proposed alteration.  Reference fee schedule below:

Plan Review Fee = 18% of permit fee
Remodel/Alteration = .006 x Improvement Value
New Construction or Additions = 16 cents per Square Foot

Park Land Dedication:  All residential  development and/or construction requires park land dedicated by Ordinance.  In some cases, a "fee in lieu of" dedication of land is approved by the City Commission.  As of late 2012, the amount of that fee is $700 per dwelling unit.

Commercial Projects

Along with the building permit application the following documents may be required if applicable.

  • Site Development
  • Civil Plans
  • Architectural Plans
  • Engineered Plans (M.E.P. & Structural)
  • Energy Compliance Reports
  • Architectural Barrier Registration
  • Asbestos Survey
  • Heating and Cooling Loads

You will be asked to initially submit various documents, plans and information regarding your project and make changes to those plans as review results are completed.

Residential Projects

Residential Permit Application

Along with the building permit application the following documents will be required:

  • Architectural Plans (Floor Plan, Elevations, Stair and Wall Section Details)
  • Site Plan
  • Engineered Wind Bracing Plan (if applicable)
  • Energy Compliance Report (if applicable)
  • Heating and Cooling Loads

The energy compliance report certifies the home complies with the energy codes mandated by the State of Texas.  A complete report indicating compliance with the building envelope and mechanical efficiency is required at time of submittal of the building permit application.

Storage Sheds and Similar Structures

When less than 200 square feet and located outside the subdivision setbacks, storage sheds will not require a building permit.  When such structures exceed 200 square feet, a building permit application shall be applied for with the City of McAllen Building Permits and Inspections Department.

Once the Building Permits and Inspections staff has verified all the necessary documents are provided and are accurate, City staff will process the application and route to the required departments using Accela Automation permitting software.

Required permits or approvals will vary depending on where your project is located.  Before preparing plans or documents for any project, please take a moment and proceed to the next step, Application Process and familiarize yourself with the departments included in your plan review.

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